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_____Flow Form ___________________Erosion Control Gabion______

Sustainable Design

Landscape designs may include any of the following:
· Edible landscaping
· Kitchen garden, including cooking herbs and vegetables
· Plants to attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other wildlife.
· Fountains, flowforms and ponds
· Compost area or worm bin
· Perennial and annual plants and flowers
· Fruiting trees, vines and shrubs
· Berry patch
· Native plant garden
· Outside sitting and eating areas
· Pathways
· Arbors
· Trellises
· Greenhouses
· Animals as a part of the landscape i.e. chickens, ducks and/or guinea hens.
· Natural building with stone, cob, straw and earth
· Heirloom varieties
· Organic garden
· Use of Onsite and Recycled Materials

Erosion Control
· Native Grassland Restoration
· Retaining walls
· Gabions
· Storm Water Management
· Sustainable roads and pathways
· Contour Swales
· Deep-rooted plantings
· Reforestation

COB Bench, Institute of Noetic Sciences __________Pathways___________

______Redwood Retaining Wall____________Split Redwood Post Railing___

Sheet Mulching Countour Swales ____Gabions for Washed Out Road Repair

______Raised Beds____________________Keyhole Gardens__________

________Basil Spiral_______________Chamomile Path to Stone Steps___

______Orchards___________________Entryway Gardens___________

"To help others with a life of sustainability and balance with the Earth and all living things and to lead a life of example where my own actions are deliberated into the health of the future generations."


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